OP Output is a student-run printing service sponsored by the Design program and the Art Department in Ophelia Parrish 1250.



OP Output Print Monitors DO NOT WORK during Finals week.

OP Output will not be open during the summer 2018.


Turn-around Times and Pricing

Roll-feed printing is billed per linear inch. 

HPT770 44 inch printer – $.65 per linear inch.

EPSON7900/7880 24 inch printer – $.95 per linear inch.

5 day turn-around time (minimum) – Normal Rates Apply.* 

48 hour turn-around requests are billed at 2x normal rate.*

24 hour turn-around requests are billed at 3x normal rate.*

Same day turn-around requests are billed at 4x normal rate.*

Dense Color or Solid Black Backgrounds are billed at 2x rate.

*Not including weekends.

If you have questions please email opprint@truman.edu.

Recommended Tips

This tip might help and/or save you some money and heartache…

Before printing a large print of your poster/design/assignment, submit a small test version of the .pdf to test submission and payment process, paper (on HPT120 sheet-fed printer), check on embedded fonts in the .pdf, proof for typos and color accuracy of the .pdf file. This simple step will catch many problems in a document and you will figure out the submission process before you spend a large amount of money for a big printout on a deadline.

Stocks and Papers

The EPSON Photo-quality (7900 and 7880) and the HP DesignJet (T770) Roll-feed Inkjet printers print only on EPSON Luster Inkjet compatible stock

The EPSON Sheet-fed (4880) Inkjet printer only prints on EPSON Inkjet compatible stock.

No substitutions allowed.

The HP DesignJet Sheet-fed (T120) printer can print on UNCOATED (non-glossy) plain paper as well as EPSON Inkjet compatible papers.



Powerpoint = Satan/Lucifer/Devil

OP Output Center does not have or work with Microsoft Powerpoint and are unable to prep the pdf files for you.

Requested printing (size) MUST MATCH the document size submitted in the .pdf.

If you want/need poster design assistance please contact Fine Arts Design (FAD).

Activating a Large-format Inkjet Print Job

Initiate a print job by filling out the appropriate form (see link on the right). If your printing request is being paid for by a department, please initiate a print job using the Backcharge to University Budget link (HP T770 printer only). If you are paying for the printing yourself, please use the Cash Print Work Order links.

OP Output only accepts Adobe Acrobat pdf or Adobe Photoshop files (psd and tif files only for EPSON 7890/7900 photo-quality printers) for Large-format Inkjet and Laser printing. When submitting a.pdf file, check to confirm the size of the .pdf matches the requested print size. Print Monitors will reject any .pdf that is not sized to match the print request.

Files larger than 50MB may or may not submit using the online form. Please process the .pdf so that the file size is as small as possible (check your .pdf settings before “Save As”, or “Export pdf”). If you are having difficulty submitting a large .pdf file, please submit the online form without the pdf upload and bring your file on a flash drive to OP1250 during a Print Monitor’s work schedule.

OP Output does not accept Microsoft Word, Works, Excel or Powerpoint files.

Payment approval process

If using the Backcharge to University Budget work order, please include all back charge information requested in the online form. The Art Department will FAX your print request to the appropriate department for departmental approval. A signed approval from that department must be received before the printed materials are released.

If using the Cash Print work order, please make payment for the full amount to the Cashier in McClain Hall. Please make payment to the OP Output Center Printing revenue account. A Cashier’s receipt or a receipt from the online payment process into the OP Output Center Printing revenue account must be presented to the Art Department office for the printed materials to be released.

Visual Communication class printing: Students, follow the instructions for class inkjet printing processes given to you by your class  instructor.

Online Revenue Account Payment Process

Click on Online Cash Payments link in right column.
Login: Network login and password and add the amount for your printing request in the appropriate option in the dialog box.
Click on: Proceed to Payment
Provide requested payment method (VISA credit cards not accepted) and submit
An email receipt will be generated and sent to your email account.

Large format inkjet print longevity

Although OP Output’s Large-format Inkjet Printing Service is using fade-resistant HP Vivera Inkjet inks in the HP T770, printout fading issues continue to be a problem. After researching this issue, the simple answer to the fading problem is to recommend immediately laminating all printouts that will hang for an extended period of time or use UV plexiglass to protect the printout. Do not expose printouts to direct sunlight.

OP Output does not guarantee longevity of any inkjet output older than one semester.

  • Day Shift Worker Schedule

    Heeju Jung

    Print Monitors only print jobs during their scheduled work hours.

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  • EPSON 7900 & 7890 Medium Format Photo Quality Roll-Feed Printers

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